Make weight right

Coach Eric A. Bradley Making weight for

Make Weight Right!

At Master Boxing,

there is ZERO tolerance for not making weight.

Matter of fact, at Master Boxing, we don't cut weight. 

We stay on weight within minimal extra pounds going into fight night.

How do we do it?

Like everything else, it takes a system that delivers.



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Get Clean Athlete Nutrition System PLUS

10 Minute 12 Peaks Muscle Optimization System!

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Whether you are needing to cut weight for your upcoming fight or you are just ready to get rid of the extra that has been hanging around and holding you back for far too long, Coach Bradley's Clean Athlete Nutrition System is the12 week blueprint that you need to make it happen.

Tried and tested in training camp after training camp with 16 World Champions and novices alike, this system is a priceless resource that gives you a grocery shopping guide and tells you  EXACTLY what to eat to eliminate all guess work and keep you focused.

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Keeping It