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The new social platform putting the spotlight on local businesses who are making Raleigh a hot & hip place to be!


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While enjoying a few cold ones at a local brewery on a crisp Fall afternoon, we were blown away by a group of incredibly cool & local business owners that we met. 

Each one of them possessed a ridiculous love for the product or service their company offered.  These were the yummy brands & life changing services were the reason why Raleigh is consistently ranked as one of the best places to live in the US.

The problem was that only a limited audience knew about these amazing companies.  The owners were also too busy running their businesses to focus on fresh branding & real social media marketing.

It was right then and there that

What's Hot In Raleigh was born.  We committed to taking our social media expertise that we acquired over the last 12 years by building a 4M global following and put it to work for other local businesses.  

The #WHIR family is made up of one bad ass, crazy talented team who lives & breathes to make your brand come to life, bring business to your door and let's you focus on doing what you love . . . 

running your business & making money!


We believe in the power of storytelling.

To us, building your brand & connecting with your audience is about revealing your corporate personality and driving people to your door.  All things being equal, people will choose to do business with someone that they have a connection with and can trust.  That's why we make sure your ideal customer finds you as well as see & feel your area of expertise and HOW you run your business.

We also believe that your brand story is best told through professional yet not overly produced video and a consistent touch or "JAB" with your customer.

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