Welcome aboard Kodee!

We are excited to have you as part of the Master Boxing family.  Incredible things await you.  We are here to make sure that it happens.

To help both of us avoid excessive PayPal fees, I am setting up a proprietary payment buttons for you.

The first payment button is for $500 USD then 4 other payments at $337.00 USD.  As your payments are made, I will send content your way:)

We will receive it in US dollars and you will have it debited in your account as New Zealand Dollars. No need for any conversion calculations.

Once we receive notification of your payment, I will begin the process of sending over the your first installment of the Masters Course materials along with The School Of Boxing materials and Log In instructions and you will be off to the races!

We appreciate you choosing to do business with us. Good times are ahead my friend!


Initial Payment

February 6, 2020:  $500 USD

First Installment:

March 6, 2020:  $337.00

Second Installment:

April 6, 2020:  $337.00

Third Installment:

May 6, 2020:  $337.00

Final: Installment:

June 6, 2020:  $337.00

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