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Masterful Footwork Sales Funnel

1.  SQUEEZE PAGE:  FREE Footwork video they will receive when they opt in:  https://sellfy.com/mbacademy/p/footwork-kickstart/


A.  Masterful Footwork Volume 1, Masterful Footwork Volume 2 and 4 Week Footwork Training Guide: https://sellfy.com/mbacademy/p/gjnj/

B. Geometry Of The Box Step Virtual Clinic: https://sellfy.com/mbacademy/p/geometry-of-the-box-step/

C.  10 Minute Challenge Tracker: https://sellfy.com/mbacademy/p/10-minute-challenge/


A.  10 MINUTE 12 PEAKS MUSCLE OPTIMIZATION SYSTEM: https://sellfy.com/mbacademy/p/w3qn/

B.  Science Of The Run Conditioning System: https://sellfy.com/mbacademy/p/wpek/

4.  OTO Page:

A. Mitt Master Pro Bundle.  This includes Mitt Master Vol 1, Vol 2, Vol 3 and the Coach's Mitt Training Guide:  https://sellfy.com/mbacademy/p/xnsa/

B.  Heavy Bag For POWER!: https://sellfy.com/mbacademy/p/4cll/