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The School Of Boxing
       with Coach Eric A. Bradley

     It's all about the PROCESS!





There is a common tendency in the world of COMBAT SPORTS to skip & jump around with skills training in a very short tempered & short sighted manner.

This all too familiar habit is for one to learn the BOXING ESSENTIALS just enough to have a false sense of confidence & proficiency.

The unfortunate result is the most basic skills are never given the opportunity to be completely embedded in the fighter.  

It's as critical as the air you breathe that you stick with the basics until they are second nature and that you have a PROCESS and a course of action to get you there.

The School Of Boxing is the remedy to guide you, assist you in staying on track & solidifying your progression & mastery of the sweet science.

Finally, you will have everything you need to develop the


Coach Jonathan Fung & UFC Weili Zhang

Coach Jonathan Fung shares how The School Of Boxing has exponentially changed his program, his business & his brand in a very short period of time and how it can do the same for you.


Something has been missing in the world of combat until now.

The School Of Boxing is here to bridge this gap.

You now have a powerful & proprietary resource that gives you the PROCESS of building a Champion and learning the science of boxing layer by layer. 

It is delivered in a simple, easy to follow course format that is digestible, progresses over time and embeds itself in the muscle memory.

Here are the top reasons why Fighters, Coaches & Trainers around the globe turn to The School Of Boxing as their trusted & reliable source for elite boxing education & programming.

1.  You have our video downloads but you don't know HOW to incorporate them into your daily training or programming so you are able to maximize your progression & retention. 

You are essentially "winging it" and it's just not coming together for you like it should.

7. You are a COACH looking for a go-to resource that will erase your programming anxieties by giving you what you need on a daily basis to build a Champion and a sought after program.

8.  You are a GYM OWNER and you are looking for a proven system for your gym that will attract and retain memberships while putting you miles ahead of your competition. 

(Please contact Master Boxing Director, Staci Cloninger directly at for special gym rates)

2.  You are a BOXER who is not getting the coaching/training/teaching that you need. Sparring isn't going well & your fight record follows suit.  You are seeking that competitive edge.

3.  You are an MMA athlete or coach who knows you do not have the necessary Boxing/Footwork skills to match your grappling that will set you up to dominate your sport. Are you BKB

#TSOB has your back 200%!

4.  You want to learn the science of Boxing as a powerful training method for WEIGHT LOSS and overall FITNESS.

5.  You are a PERSONAL TRAINER who is ready to bring a legitimate boxing component to your scope of services and create immediate separation between you and the other trainers in your gym/area.


6.  You are a PARENT wanting to teach your child the sweet science and need a step by step program to guide you.

                  There are  2 powerful components to the new 

         School Of Boxing:



No more guesswork or confusion!  From day one, you will bring immediate structure and instantly erase anxiety or confusion as your day to day, week to week AGENDA is laid out front and center in The School Of Boxing online portal.  You have specially designed VIDEO TUTORIALS that are in sync with your agenda.


You also receives an every day discount on Coach Bradley's full price teachings & guides.

Specially choreographed educational video segments with Coach Bradley coordinate with your agenda so you have exactly what you need in the moment to train or coach.

You have a CHECKLIST that will keep you on track and ensure that you are following the process that will build muscle memory and cultivate the algorithm of a Champion Combat Athlete.

2.  Interactive & engaging private STUDY GROUP  led by Coach Bradley:

This is the place where the magic happens daily as Coach Bradley offers up exclusive & game changing teachings & coaching conversations that you can put into action immediately.  This is also your platform for feedback, critique & guidance from Coach Bradley relating to your skills, your programming and your business model & profitability.







Perfect for the more experienced Coach or Fighter that is active in competitions & tournaments or Coaches Pro Fighters.

Access to Fundamental &

Advanced Curriculums.


Perfect for the novice Coach or Fighter, Personal Trainers wanting to add  Boxing to their services, parents wanting to learn how to teach their kids, those wanting to learn the science fo Boxing for the first time and get in shape.

Emphasis is on mastering the essential fundamentals of:  Footwork, Punch Logistics, Offense, Defense, Inside Fighting & Sparring.

You will be able to progress through the end of Sem 1 of Q2

*You are eligible to upgrade at any time.


OR             $97.97/mo 

*Once we receive notification of your payment, we will send you a direct email to your inbox with instructions of how to get started.  Please note that sometimes there is a slight delay between the time you submit your payment and we receive notification. If you have not seen your TSOB materials land in your email , be sure to check your spam/junk folder.  If you have any questions or have not received your confirmation email with instructions, please contact Master Boxing Director, Staci Cloninger directly at


In the event you do not wish to continue your membership during your first 7 days of your membership, you may apply your payment towards the digital download of your choice and receive a 30% discount.

The bell has rung.

Class is in session.



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