Being slick & flashy is good for the camera.  TEACHING a portfolio of skills builds a Champion.



As Coaches, we aspire to be knowledgeable as well as thorough.


We lack a platform for proper education and in most cases, we're thrown in the pit of fire to learn on the job. Being baptized by fire isn't always the proper manner.

The days of adding hard to remember Mitt methods, high volume punches with little retention is over.  We now will stop putting the cart before the horse and learn these teachings so you can then add your own sauce to it, not vice versa.


Today will begin the start of your fighters retaining muscle memory a lot faster and you will clearly see their improvement without the constant frustrations.

Enjoy and put into action TODAY the Mastering The Mitts Series!

Coach Bradley


CEO Master Boxing LLC


I've found adding the Mitt Training program has increased my fighter's physical punching power. As a coach, you can feel the difference in their punches as they get more accurate and become measured with their power shots.


It's been a great addition to their confidence. They all have gotten motivation from the new system Coach Bradley has put in place. 


Coach Melvin, NC



We had to work on accuracy.  My light heavy weight lacked an accurate straight right.


I used coach Bradley's Punch Logistics segment to create a balance in my fighter's legs to hit targets better. It's became obvious that he learned how to deliver the punch which in turned increased his overall connect percentage. 


I learned that the simplest formulas offer the most impactful results now. Thanks coach Bradley...


Coach Simmons Delaware US 


Three of my guys lacked speed.  I must admit that running sprints only increased explosiveness & that was my method of speed before Coach Bradley's speed drills.


Each fighter improved speed exponentially within three solid weeks of training Mitts with Coach Bradley's program. Not to mention, I train lighter weight fighters and that matters immensely at the lower weight classes.

I love the Mitt Master series.


Coach Donde, CA



We needed to work on Defense.  My fighter's always did good in local fights but they would always come up short in the Regionals and Nationals.  It was the lack of reaction training.

Once we implemented the reaction circuits Coach Bradley designed, it took a little over a week for them to get comfortable.


Once they got the hang of it, they responded like Phil Jackson's Triangle Offense. It's not just mitt training, it became obvious that it was an overall system. 


Nice work and my mitt training has improved along with my fighter's records.


I became a Mitt Master no doubt. 


Coach Pearson  NJ