The School Of Boxing:

The Philly Shell

              By Eric A. Bradley

Everything you need to effectively master every single

layer of the Philly Shell!


Coach Erich Garland, New York

I watched the Philly Shell video I've purchased from you. First off, I salute you for creating very good high-quality training and tutorial videos. Now I've bought many instructional training footage from numerous trainers and "so-called trainers" over the past 10 years but not one of them have been anything like yours. On every occasion their material have failed on every level from the production of the content to its commentary. Yours on the other hand always demonstrates a process, transfers knowledge, explains a concept, and shows someone how to do something efficiently. Your method for teaching the process of doing the sport of boxing is impeccable. Every video of yours I've viewed thus far has a performance that displays the highest standards of propriety. But most importantly you have explained everything in an entertaining, visual way. A way that simplifies complex ideas into easily digestible content. Just from the first 15 minutes of your video I've learned a lifetime of knowledge about the art of the Shoulder Roll. Thank you very much Coach Bradley!

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1.  Conventional Video Skills Training & Guide

2.  Masterful Footwork Vol. 1 & Masterful Footwork Vol. 2: Walking The Floor

3.  Masterful Footwork 4 Week Training Regimen Guide

4.  LEGENDS Heavy Bag For POWER video & guide


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