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We welcome Coaches & Fighters to be a part of our School Of Boxing with Coach Bradley.  Whether it is for sparring, skills training or conditioning development for fight prep, registration is required & adhering to Master Boxing policy is mandatory to insure a safe & quality experience for all.


Registration for The School Of Boxing will only need to be filled out once unless your status changes.

In the event of a status adjustment or if you have any additional questions, please connect with Master Boxing Director Staci Cloninger at 


Boxing Academy currently runs Monday - Friday

8:30 AM- 12:30 PM and by scheduled appointment.

The necessary protocol will be put into place in order to provide the fighter in need the proper preparation tools and training agendas.


For Coaches & Fighters who desire to attend a full camp, please make your request by clicking the button below:

We will set up a video call and discuss the details.