What To Expect from Online Basic Training Camp by Master Boxing

In order to give you something to consistently look forward to doing, you must have a plan of total mind & body enhancements ready to keep motivated.

Having a variety of skills & drills to teach them is a grand way of keeping your training sessions spicey.

Down below, are many skills & drills that you will be adding to your sessions over the course of time to keep your mind intrigued & allow your body to follow.

The best part of this method, is how we will consistantly work the entire body and specify areas that are weak, unconditioned or lack neurological response (Ex.: uncoordination).

Here is what you can expect as you move forward through training camp:

Master Boxing Fundamentals:

1. Footwork Drills

a. Box steps

b. Pivots

c. Jump pivots

d. Step arounds

e. Slide

f. Hop steps

g. Break and roll

h. Ali's

I. Sugar Ray Robinsons

J. Joe Fraziers

2. Defensive Drills

a. Slips

b. Bob & weaves

c. Dips

d. Sway backs

e. Roll in -roll outs

f. Catch

g. Blocks to head-Blocks to body

h. Parry

i. Tie up opponent

3. Offensive Skills-Punch Mediums.

a. Jab drills 90sec rounds or 30 crisp jab

b. Upjabs

c. Shotgun Jabs

d. Throw Away jab

e. Double Jabs-Triple Jabs

4. Right Hand Drills. (Delivered as 90 seconds of sharp laser-like shots)

a. Straight rights

b. 1/3 Straight Right Hand

c. 1/2 Straight Right Hand

d. 2/3 Straight Right Hand

e. Laser Right Hand

f. Power Right Hand Drill

HINT: The body can only digest so much at one time. Whether it's conditioning or learning skills, allow the correct processing time for the mind and body to digest your teachings on an individual basis.

If you force the process, you will not get the best quality out of this program. You will miss necessary components in the building process. The comprehension of the mind and body must be in sync to maximize results.

HINT: More isn't always better, in fact it is worse until your body has physiologically caught up with everything being programmed into it. Remember, wherever the mind goes, the body will follow.

How To Execute The Drills:

These drills will be done in 90sec rounds. This will be just enough time to digest it all while keeping a fresh head.

The count process will be used during punch circuits. You must grasp timing the shots you are delivering. You may not have concepts mastered yet, so have a count for each punch so that you stay in sync.

As you begin breaking through the first barriers, begin putting punches together. You will begin letting your hands go fluently. This is a sign of neurological connection to the body.or in other words "rythym".

Now, that you have an overview of what is to come, it's time to get started!

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