WEEK 1 / DAY 1: MONDAY: CARDIO Focus With Jab Drill

Today's focus is CARDIO.

Stay focused as you make your way through the 12 round workout. Execute each move with perfection.

Cap off today's session with the jab drill.

Perfecting the jab is a necessity.

Make sure you fuel your body properly. The nutritional needs on CARDIO day are very specific. Keep your hydration on point as well. Not sure what you should be eating today to maximize your performance? Pick up Master Boxing's Nutrition Plan on our website to take all of the guess workout out of it.


Rnd 1: 3 Mins Jump Rope

Rnd 2: 2 Mins Jump Rope

Rnd 3: 17 Military Kicks

Rnd 4: 27 Jumping Jacks

Rnd 5: 17 Burpees

Rnd 6: 14 Shoulder Circles

Rnd 7: 18 Push Ups

Rnd 8: 27 Sit Ups

Rnd 9: 17 Crunches

Rnd 10: 14 Bicycles

Rnd 11: 14 Jack Knives

Rnd 12: 60 Secs Plank



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