Introducing PT (Physical Training).

Created by Coach Bradley, PT is a series of functional movements that prep the body for work and lay down a layer of protection from potential injury. PT movements are done after your body is nice and warmed up and you are about to start your workout or skills training.

In today's workout, a beautiful & effective workout comes to life as Coach Bradley puts a series of PT movements together in a very specific sequence.

After you complete the PT Sequence, hit your Jab Drill


WARM UP: Jump Rope: Two 3 Minute Rounds

15 Reps Each:

Knee Raise

Toe Touch

Torso Rotation

Shoulder Rotations

Neck Circles

Leg Curls

Alternating Forward Kicks

Lateral Kicks (Each Side)

Jump N Jacks

Calf Raises (15 Reps w toes straight forward, 15 reps with toes pointed inward & 15 reps with toes pointed outward)

Alternating Diagonal Toe Touches

Above Head Reaches

Modified Burpee

Run In Place

Mountain Climbers


Now begin your Jab drills. It will be time to grade your progression for the week in one day. Make sure you're putting in the extra time. Jab at work, jab at school, and definitely jab at home or in the gym. Let the jab be your safe haven.

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