MB Kitchen: The Connection Between Training & Eating

So you say you want to get in optimal boxing shape and condition? You say you want to perform at your very best? If you answered "yes" to either question, here is a solid dose of reality for you to gnaw on: You will never fully succeed in achieving those levels of success if you do not fuel your body properly.

Nine times out of ten, folks are wishing and working hard, very hard for certain results that they will never achieve if they do not fuel and replenish their bodies with the right foods and in the right combination based on their day's training regimen. Kind of crazy to put all of this work in and not reap all of the benefits, don't you think?

Odds are, you know this. Ok, so now what? Do you know what to buy at the grocery store? Do you know what to eat on a "Strength" day vs a "Cardio" day? What if you are seriously trying to cut weight? We know how important the eating component is for human function and performance. Coach Bradley has successfully used this system for years in numerous training camps. We also know this is where most people flop or take shortcuts. That is why we created the Master Boxing Nutrition System.

Simply put, this 50 pg digital download takes ALL of the guess work out of it for you. We tell you exactly what to buy and exactly what to eat based on how you are training that day. We also give you plenty of delicious options so you can keep your tastebuds happy. Our nutrition system is also based on REAL FOOD--not a bunch of shakes, pills and packaged foods. Sorry, we just don't do fake or quick fixes.

Our goal in brining this valuable book to market was to be able to deliver a solution for people when it comes to eating and performing their optimal best. So, if you are struggling with the food & eating piece of your game, your struggle is over and all of your questions will be answered. Snatch up your copy today while it is on promotion for only $19.99!

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