July 31, 2015

Today it is all about strength and working the abdominals.  You will soon understand from experience how it is absolutely possible to build significant strength without lifting one weight.

Move with controlled movements during the ab circuit.  Strengthening the abdominal region is essential so execute each move with precision and purpose.  Roll into your footwork drill once you have aced the STRENGTH & ABS CIRCUIT.  You should be feeling more confident with the drills.  It's all about putting in the work---solid work with no regrets.  Best of luck to you today.


**Be sure to tune into the fights on PBC on ESPN this weekend.  There are two great ones on the card for the evening.  Be sure to check out the pre-fight breakdown on the Master Boxing LLC Channel on Youtube:





 SET 1                                SET 2 


2 Mins Jump Rope                  25 Sit Ups                          


15 Military Kicks                   25 Crunches                          


10 Modified Burpees             30 Push Ups                         


25 Push Ups                           20 Lunges                        


25 Lunges                              10 Toe Touches                        



SET 3:


30 Sit Ups


20 Crunches


20 Punch Ups


15 Lunges


10 Diagonal Toe Touches






SET 1          Set 2             Set 3


25 Sit Ups           21 Sit Ups               20 Sit Ups


25 Bicycles         15 Side Planks       20 Crunches


15 Jack Knives    18 Crunches          30 Second Plank



Catch you breath.  Grab some H2O.  And hit the foot work!  





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