In case you missed the action that went down in the Barclays Center Saturday night, Garcia beat Malignaggi by TKO in the 9th. Garcia proved to be too much for the Brooklyn native. The popular post fight rant was calling for Malignaggi's retirement. You can check out Coach Bradley's insight on it all in this video. Be sure to subscribe to our channel to stay on top of all of the fight news and breakdowns from The Fight Doctor.

Now on to the business at hand. Welcome to week 5 of training camp. Today you will be getting that cardio work in. More than likely, it's a good thing for more reasons than one coming off of a weekend. Time how long it takes you to complete the 3 sets. Are you seeing and feeling improvement? You should be if you are being diligent and consistent.

Today you are going to get a short reprieve from footwork by dedicating your skills training time to the JAB, Remember execute with precision and turn that punch over with conviction.


(15 Second rest between exercises & 30 seconds rest between sets.)

Set 1: SET 2:

35 Jumping Jacks 45 Jumping Jacks

15 Burpees 20 Burpees

25 Push Ups 60 Secs Run In Place

25 Squats 30 Jump Squats

60 Secs Run In Place 30 Mountain Climbers

25 Mountain Climbers 15 Toe Touches

SET 3:

50 Jumping Jacks

10 Burpees

60 Secs. Run In Place

20 Mountain Climbers

15 Torso Rotations

15 Arm circles Forward & Backward


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