You may be wondering "Why does a boxer dedicate significant time to CARDIO"?

Well, the first step to increasing your fight endurance is to work on your cardio, which means to increase your body’s rate of oxygen absorption (oxygen intake). Boxing is an activity expressed in physical movement. Physical movement requires the use of your muscles. And muscles need oxygen in order to break down the glucose (sugar) in your bloodstream to create energy.

Now, let's take it a bit further. The higher your oxygen intake, the more oxygen your muscles can absorb and the more glucose you will be able to take advantage of. In layman’s terms, having better cardio means you can do more physical exercise without getting out of breath. You’ll not only have more energy but also perform better. Having strong muscles won’t do you any good if your body can’t absorb oxygen fast enough to fuel your muscles.

Enough preaching. Buckle down and crush your CARDIO regimen for the day:


(15 Second rest between exercises & 30 seconds rest between sets.)

SET 1: SET 2:

35 Jumping Jacks 45 Jumping Jacks

15 Burpees 20 Burpees

25 Push Ups 60 Secs Run In Place

25 Squats 30 Jump Squats

60 Secs Run In Place 30 Mountain Climbers

25 Mountain Climbers 15 Toe Touches

SET 3:

50 Jumping Jacks

10 Burpees

60 Secs Run In Place

20 Mountain Climbers

15 Torso Rotations

15 Arm Circles Forward & Backward


Catch your breath and get ready for "Skill Time"!

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