Over the course of this camp, you have heard me say time and time again that it is absolutely essential to review and perfect the basics. This belief and discipline is practiced daily in the top gyms by the world's best fighters. You are also worthy of the same guidance and coaching.

At this time, as your Coach, I am directing you back to DAY 1 of camp. Continue to DAY 2, DAY 3 etc. unitl I advise otherwise. As you dive back in, I trust and challenge you to do so with a new found confidence and hunger, a new respect for the skills you have learned and how your body and mind has elevated along the way.

No worries, the road does not end here my friends. It is only just beginning. The next phase of the Academy will take the skills you are honing now to the next level.

Be sure to stay close to the vest with Master Boxing. Subscribe to the Master Boxing channel on Youtube as well as follow the Master Boxing page & group on Facebook. I also invite you to follow my Eric Bradley Fan Page on Facebook that will deliver some additional guidance and content for you to incorporate in your regimen.

As always, I welcome your feeback, special requests and questions. I am an email away!

Best of luck to you! PHASE II of Master Boxing Academy is coming down the pipes soon for those who are ready!

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