Request for media credentials

for UFC Fight Night in Raleigh, NC.

Professional interest in covering & reporting on the event while adhering to UFC media requirements & conditions.

Leading up to the event, Eric Bradley has scheduled a variety of LIVE segments to create interest & draw attention to the event & fighters.

Eric A. Bradley

Combat Sports Influencer| Expert Boxing Coach & Analyst | Entertainer

Based in Raleigh, NC USA

In partnership with WHAT'S HOT IN RALEIGH

The Influence:





*A maniacal driving force in social media in the world of Boxing & Combat Sports

*Respected by the best in the game (Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, Kickboxing) for being a world class teacher of the sweet science.


*Known for his "straight-no-chaser" insider knowledge & always delivering an entertaining & healthy dose of reality.


The "Real Fight Doctor's" Keys To Victory & Style MatchUps for major fights, Post Fight Breakdowns & Analysis, LIVE Round By Round coverage (with no infringement of copyrighted material), Old School Boxing Talk, The School Of Boxing Skills Training

There's no denying, when Eric A. Bradley speaks, people listen & take action.

With a loyal global audience of over 6M and showing no signs of slowing down, Eric A. Bradley  has singlehandedly changed the education & training landscape of the world of Combat Sports.   

He is "lights, camera, action" 24/7.

Despite being at the highest level of coaching for over 20 years, 14 World Champions and having 100 years of Boxing knowledge under his belt by way of US Olympic Coaches Anthony Bradley & Kenny Adams, Eric A. Bradley  is on a mission to elevate the world of Combat.

Just a quick glance at his professional social media content, massive reach and insane engagement tells the story.  He's on the tip of tongues and fingers when it comes to skills training, and educating  the world about the reality of the fight game and the fight business.

It's no wonder why Coaches & Fighters alike from the world of Boxing and Professional fight leagues such as the UFC, Bellator, PFL and BKB seek his knowledge & mentorship.

Social Proof:

Men lie.  Women lie more.  Numbers don't.

Brand DNA:

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